The full report has lots of information relevant to operators and manager in the industry and should be read carefully when time allows. Many of the questions in the survey covered areas that are potential harm minimisation issues that are starting to be discussed. Interestingly loyalty programmes barely rated a mention with only 12% of self-identified gamblers in a scheme.

While the media is reporting largely on issues around gambling harm, what is interesting in the report for industry managers is the changing trends on which forms of gambling are prioritised by different age groups, as well as spaces to watch for future gaming developments in venues.

The proportion of NSW adults participating in at least one gambling activity has significantly decreased from a high of 69% in 2006, to 65% in 2011, and dropping to 53% in 2019. As in 2011, buying lottery tickets was the most prevalent gambling activity in 2019 (37%). The number of people playing EGMs had significantly decreased from a high of 31% in 2006, to 27% in 2011, to 16% in 2019.

When asked what game features players were drawn to ‘Free games or spins’ (46%) and ‘design and artwork of machine’ (44%) had the greatest impact, which suggests that the survey questions are not really well-targeted (I can’t think if a game in recent years that doesn’t have free games or spins??).

Moderate-risk and problem gamblers (self-defined) were more likely than non-problem gamblers to mention ‘free games or spins’ (68% compared to 38%), ‘games with large payouts’ (54% compared to 21%), ‘linked jackpots’ (52% compared to 18%), ‘games with frequent wins’ (46% compared to 17%), ‘gamble and double up features’ (29% compared to 10%), and ‘number of lines available’ (29% compared to 14%).

More than half (55%) played the EGM at a club, 40% at a pub or hotel and 5% at the casino. Playing EGMs at a club was most common among those aged 65 years or over and lowest among those aged 18 to 24 (90% compared with 29%). In contrast, playing EGMs at a pub or hotel was most prevalent among younger sub-sampled EGM gamblers (65% of those aged 18 to 24)

Almost one in five (19%) respondents reported participating in online gambling with the least prevalent forms of gambling being betting on fantasy sports (0.3%), online poker (0.3%), and online casino games (0.5%).

Less than one percent (0.6%) of NSW adults had bet on eSports events like CS:GO, League of Legends or DOTA2 (1.1% of men, 0.1% of women). eSports betting was most common among younger NSW adults aged 18 to 24 years (3.3% compared with 0.6% overall). NSW adults in the Sydney district were more likely to bet on eSport events (1.2% compared with 0.6% overall).

While online gambling in several forms and esports was surveyed there was no mention of social gaming which would have changed the age trends related to these less social forms of gambling

Download the full report here>>>>> NSW Gambling Survey 2019