The most costly part of any building project or refurbishment is driven by variations and re-work – changes to work already done. Not only do re-works add cost but they also push out completion dates and defers the potential financial return.

Unfortunately, the new venue’s security needs are often left until a point that requires costly re-works.

This is clearly not ideal and, really, it is completely avoidable. How do you avoid it – simply start by determining the venue’s security needs before you start building … well before, if possible.

Here are 4 steps you can take to achieve the best security outcomes while dodging costly variations or re-works:

  1. Define the security outcomes for the project and how it fits with your entire property.
  2. Identify and document the security system currently operating in your business.
  3. Determine the optimum system to achieve your outcomes – looking at both your future needs and existing systems (especially IT and Security Systems).
  4. Develop the budget for the security component of the project – include changes that may be forced on your existing systems.

There are a couple of key opportunities in the schedule to begin integrating the design of your security system with your construction project management.

  1. Right up-front – having a clear, comprehensive and documented plan for your security system is an ideal asset when entering the planning phase of a construction project.
  2. When the builders start their involvement in the project. At this point the builders’ technical drawings can be the foundation for developing plans and budgets around the security component of the building project.

Your security provider can easily be on board in the early stages – it is one of the great advantages of engaging a security partner in your business rather than a vendor of products.

EXACT’s planning processes are designed to ensure the efficient delivery of your security outcomes within budget. By engaging EXACT early in your project, you can ensure your new area:

  • Successfully integrates with existing areas of your venue when it comes to security technologies,
  • Incorporates your security system technologies into your overall IT infrastructure,
  • Is designed and structured to accommodate expansion as your business grows.

A planned venue renovation may be the perfect opportunity to review your entire Access Control System. With the cutting-edge Access Control technology from Gallagher recently being added to the Exact Technologies range they are offering a complimentary, obligation-free assessment of your current access control system. To arrange for this, click the following link:


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EXACT TECHNOLOGIES delivers a deep understanding of security IT combined with extensive experience in the club and gaming industry. It really means they are well placed to help find the best solution for you.

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