With over 25% on average of hold and spin style product on gaming floors in NSW there are lots of gaming eggs in one basket. The performance is there, and it makes sense to buy a good number of these games, with great game longevity.

In some clubs the percentage of hold and spin style games is well above 25% and growing, but this is also impacting the net hold in gaming. Increases in turnover are often achieved at the expense of a declining net profit. Additionally, smaller players are getting burnt on these games too quickly and not enjoying their gaming play and are coming to clubs less often.

So, as well as strong game performance, game variety and game longevity are becoming key to combating both the smaller players losing time on device, and the market hold issues. 

IGT has been focusing on different types of games to suit different player types and the strong game performance of Bubble Blast Link and SAP in the in the market is showing that players are looking for that game variety too.

All games go through a honeymoon period that is around 3-4 months long in NSW Clubs. Once performance levels on a game extends past that mark, and the numbers of the games on gaming floors increases, the stronger the familiarity among players ensures continued success.

Combined the Genies Wishes Bubble Blast games are averaging $319 net per day per machine for August with a hold of 8.91%, and Treasures of Atlantis Bubble Blast is at $279 net per machine per day with a hold of 8.12%. Two new games Spells and Whistles (for release in Sept) and Shen Long (which will be coming soon) add an opportunity to extend the machine numbers.

At now over 6 months in the market and still achieving a site average above 1.4 (MAX data), and much higher for some BubbleBlast game and machine types, the purchase moves from a choice to a must-have for clubs.