Donald Carducci from JPMorgan shares with The Drop reader’s information on Aristocrat’s first half 2019 results. While the data included is mainly USA-centric, the report gives an explanation of how Aristocrat now uses its social gaming content to test game types and new features before they look to develop games for the casino, club and hotel market. This provides them with solid data on what type of games are most likely to work before they spend hundreds of thousands of development dollars on getting games approved for land-based markets.

Games can be tested, and also tweaked, with changed features or game maths, as well as being separated when analysing the data into different demographic market segments, which has turned out to be an incredibly powerful game design tool for them. Once they are satisfied with the games social gaming “score” they can then proceed to full design and development.

To save people like me from having to look it up:

User acquisition (often shortened to UA) is the act of gaining new users, designed around capturing an audience and convincing them to use your app offering. In this case, this is done through banner ads on other websites/apps to get new players to click through to their Aristocrat gaming apps such as Heart of Vegas and Lightning Link Casino. The costs of these ads are around 25% of their revenue and helps build the user numbers to a point where the data can be used to assist game design efforts. 

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