AURES Technologies, a renowned POS hardware manufacturer, has launched their next wave of touchscreen-based solutions in a range of kiosks.

Comprising of three models, the JAZZSCO, KOMET and miniKOMET, the solutions cover all kiosk applications from compact, desktop mounted, self-checkout solutions to standalone information or ticketing style solutions.

The JAZZSCO was designed to be an easy to implement, desktop based self-checkout solution. It includes a 15” touchscreen, 2D barcode scanner, large paper roll capable printer and EFTPOS terminal mount. The JAZZSCO can be bolted to a desktop and looks great in either a white or black finish.

The KOMET is a larger, standalone kiosk that is well suited to fast food service, ticketing or loyalty program management solution. The large 27” touchscreen provides adequate space for intuitive app design and a thermal receipt printer and 2D scanner covers peripheral duties. An EFTPOS pinpad can be integrated into a dedicated slot for a neat and user-friendly layout. The KOMET can be mounted on a wall or freestanding on a stylish floor mounted stand.

The miniKOMET kiosk is a smaller footprint, desktop or standalone solution that offers a 17” screen. Sitting in between the JAZZSCO and the KOMET range, the minKOMET can work as a self-checkout, self-order processing device or patron registering solution.

“AURES has been a well known name in the POS terminal space in Australia for more than 10 years and this new range now allows us to extend our solution coverage within a venue to meet the growing demands of the do-it-yourself consumers .” said AURES Technologies General Manager, Phil Wild.

As the world adapts to a new paradigm that requires efficient process management and giving the customer more control of their interactions, AURES solutions are well placed covering touch-based solutions across POS and kiosk applications.


To find out more about the AURES kiosk solutions contact AURES on 02 9584 5222 or visit