Renowned POS touch terminal manufacturer, AURES Technologies, has launched a range of hands free, automated, touchscreen and POS peripheral disinfecting solutions called UV-Clean.

Developed in the US by Proximity Systems, UV-Clean uses UV-C light to breakdown harmful pathogens that can build up on POS devices and harm staff and customers.

Proven in the healthcare industry, UV-Clean comprises of a UV-C light emitting lamp that can be mounted to the top of a touchscreen monitor. As long exposure to UV-C light can be harmful to human skin, the UV-Clean solution has a motion sensor that will turn off the lamp once a hand approaches the touchscreen.

The motion sensor timing can be programmed to activate as required and an audit trail of all activations is stored enabling reporting of the performance of the solution.

UV-Clean has been independently tested and proven to eliminate 99.9% of pathogens on high touch surfaces.

“As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, we sought to find best disinfecting solution for touch-based technology such as self-checkout kiosks, POS devices, gaming machines and the like”, said AURES Technologies General Manager Phil Wild.

Most retail and hospitality business have implemented some cleaning and disinfecting regimes, but they are proving to be costly and, in most cases, not meeting the best practice guidelines.

“Businesses are trying their best to protect their staff and customers but most, if not all, are meeting the best practice guidelines that SafeWork Australia have set out. For example, electronic devices must be turned off before any spray and wipe-based disinfecting solution is undertaken and this must occur after every use for a shared device. UV-Clean solves the problem.”, said Phil.

UV-Clean is powered by a USB connection and can be mounted via multiple options including industrial strength double sided tape, clamp mount and stand mounted to disinfect mobile devices, EFTPOS terminals and other handheld devices.


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