OMNIVision lets you see all cash in your devices from one location – ATMs, CRTs, Cashier Safes and Cash Recyclers.

Reconciling and re-floating cash in all your devices within the venue is simplified by reports exports to your desktop PC.

David Nguyen from Mounties Group has recently implemented Banktech’s OMNIVision web portal and this is what he has to say:

“Banktech’s OMNIVision web portal has been beneficial for our frontline staff who manage the reconciliation and replenishment of our devices.  I can monitor each ATM at all sites from head office and advise them of the quantity of notes required to top it up.  It only requires an internet browser so I can access the web portal anywhere at any time.  With the data available I can also track when the cash is being used and can move floats to other devices to better utilise cash usage.”

“Since implementing the web portal I no longer rely on staff to send me ATM reads which has made the entire process simpler and far less labour intensive.  With full online visibility, I allow the ATM to run as low as possible before refilling back to maximum.  There is a lot of useful information within the web portal for the Accounts department as well.”