UK man breaks into pub to burgle it, gets drunk and passes out behind the bar

Lee Roach was a man on a mission to ransack a local business, but he got a little distracted.

The 46-year-old serial thief had targeted a Liverpool pub for his latest intended burglary – but it didn’t quite go off according to plan.

Instead of taking the money and running, Roach decided to sample the goods.

Lots of them.

The father-of-four got stuck into the spirits behind the bar at Harrison’s in Liverpool’s city centre on August 16 last year, Liverpool Crown Court has heard.

He was found the next morning, passed out behind the bar, by the local cleaner, who made a quick retreat and called the police.

Roach was found “dead to the world” with $10,000 in fake money down his trousers.

‘Not sophisticated’

Police, in something of an understatement, said it was “not the most sophisticated burglary” attempt they had seen.

The court heard Roach had broken a window to enter the premises and was found “lying among debris” with an upended drinks fridge nearby.

Roach’s mug shot showed him looking a little, well, under the weather.

He had even tried to stash bottles of looted grog in his rucksack, but he told police the rucksack wasn’t his and that he’d found it in the bar.

It wasn’t Roach’s first brush with the law.

The Liverpudlian has 90 previous convictions for 161 different offences, Metro UK reports.

That included 86 counts of theft and 20 burglaries.

Roach, a former painter and decorator, pleaded guilty to burglary and theft.

“Mr Roach, I have read the report, I have read your history of offending and it is a pretty sorry tale of a man who has been addicted to drugs for years,” judge David Knifton said.

“You did well and managed to complete successfully the Drug Rehabilitation Requirement which was provided to you.

“Unfortunately, you then turned to drink instead and ended up being found in the bar of a licensed premises so drunk they had to wake you up.”

The man was sentenced to 15 months in jail.


Source: UK man breaks into pub to burgle it, gets drunk and passes out behind the bar | 7NEWS