We don’t purchase a POS system just to take payments through a till. We expect the gaming system to do more than record soft meters. Similarly, the paging system needs to be more than just ‘push a button to call an attendant’. The detailed reporting tools in BTG Connect Gaming Paging system allow managers to identify staff training requirements, split staffing levels between different floor zones, allow VIP notifications and escalations, and even facilitate operational communications from managers to staff. While there are many more options available the managers at Club Five Dock RSL share which reports and system flexibility they find most enhances their customer service and staff/floor operational management. David Conway (CEO) and Lloyd Fraser (Ops Manager) outline the different reporting tools that are used regularly at the club.

1. Split Gaming Floor and Zoning.

The club has a split gaming floor across two levels and the BTG Gaming Paging system allows for each of these areas to be run as a separate unit to ensure paging calls are directed to staff in either the Ground Floor or First Floor gaming areas. “We treat each area as a separate operational unit”, says David. “Most of our VIP players are smokers and use the First Floor area. We need to ensure service is strongest in this area but it is removed from the main floor so zoning ensures staff in that area are focussed on these customers”.

2. Rostering

The Daily Attendant Summary Report breaks down not just average service times for staff, but also splits the data into total calls, different minute wait time categories, repeated calls and escalations when staff are caught up and the customers wait time goes over a pre-set benchmark.

“This data lets me track daily trends and set up correct staffing levels for each day which makes rostering so much easier”, says Lloyd Fraser. “Response times are most important for the customers who feel like they are being looked after as soon as staff arrive to take their order. They don’t mind waiting a few minutes for a good cup of coffee but get very impatient if they wait for 3 minutes for a staff member just to turn up after they have hit the service button”.

3. Staff incentive schemes

According to David Conway, CEO the information gives him an opportunity to run a staff incentive program on the gaming floor. “This rewards staff, not just for speed of service but the bulk number of calls, escalations and wait times. The job of service staff on the floor isn’t as interesting now as it used to be and having an incentive program gives staff ownership and responsibility for the positive contribution they make to the customers’ enjoyment”.

With the staff incentive scheme, staff are using the call log they can see on a screen in the servery area to assist other team members with the backlog during busy periods and working as a team to ensure the customers are happy.

4. Device flexibility – Smart Watches and Smart Phones

Club Five Dock RSL uses the Smart Watch devices for floor staff. According to Lloyd they are easy and convenient. “The watch talks to you when you are busy on the floor telling you what service type the call is (VIP, Service, or Drinks) and the machine number. Staff can’t drop the watch off a tray as they did with old pagers, so maintenance costs are reduced”.

The managers at the club can use smart phones to see calls and escalations so they can keep track during busy periods. They don’t have to find a desktop PC but can check from anywhere on the floor. Calls are escalated to the Duty Manager or Supervisor when the go over the benchmark time. If there are a few of these calls the managers can check and add a floating staff member to help clear any backlog.

5. VIP service

“We have our paging system set up for VIP calls”, says David. “The pagers notify us as soon as a VIP has put a card in a machine so our staff can react immediately. We have this included in our T&Cs in our tiered Freedom Rewards program as a benefit for higher tier players and they love that our staff attend to them immediately on arrival”.

6. Management Communications

Operationally one of the biggest benefits for the managers is that they can communicate directly with staff from their Smart phones to staff watches. A manager can move staff from one area of the club to another by sending a page from their phone. They can automate a schedule for staff breaks before it gets busy and send them another page 30 minutes later to remind them the “break is over”.

“At Club Five Dock we have also added scheduled reminder pages that remind the manager or a lead staff member to check bathroom cleanliness every 45 mins and in alternate 45minute gaps a page reminds staff to check and clean ashtrays. Even in busy periods they are reminded that these basic jobs need to be completed”.

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