Previously Maxgaming sites in Queensland were unable to integrate with the Connect Gaming Paging System. These clubs were limited to using the simple Maxgaming paging inclusion in their system which was a push-a- button to call an attendant process that offered no business intelligence reports. Now with the integration to BTG’s Connect Gaming Paging System enabled, Maxgaming clubs that install Connect are able to access a large number of reports, and system flexibility, that can improve efficiencies and save on costs across the gaming floor.

With such a big benefit to upgrading their paging system several of the bigger clubs have already jumped on board: Kedron-Wavell Services, Lions Club Richlands, Carina Leagues, Norths Leagues Kallangur have already installed, with Wynnum Manly Leagues installing next month

BTG are sharing Brisbane office space with their business partner Starrtec in order to be on the ground for the service needs of their new Connect customers in Queensland

BTG’s Connect Gaming Paging can improve the opportunity for faster and more efficient service by improving processes, and through the BI data and information available to work with when investigating fixes. Simple paging systems don’t give enough detail – zoning, staffing levels, areas, escalations, day trade and time of day reporting are all required to make your gaming floor more efficient.

With so much competition for the gaming dollar in the current climate it is the small one-percenters that make a difference and BTG Connect Gaming Paging system has one of the best back end reporting tools available in the market:

  • Priority paging – even call rotation to staff and multiple escalation levels
  • Flexible choice of devices – smart watch, smart phone, range of durable waterproof pagers
  • Real-time report and statistics generation – exportable to Excel
  • Monitoring of staff times and performance – busiest time and day reporting tools by calls and escalations
  • Ability to zone the floor and report on staff service times, calls and escalations to assist in adding rostering efficiencies
  • Escalations can be flexibly configured based on time of day and day of week.
  • Scheduled tasking engine automatically sends required regular reports to any pc

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