Cash is safe and there is no medical or scientific evidence that cash spreads COVID-19.

The Royal Australian Mint, The Reserve Bank of New Zealand, The World Health Organisation and many medical experts and scientists have confirmed that cash is safe to use and safe to handle.

Some Australians have raised concerns at using cash despite it being safe do so.

Knowing this, it is important to factor in extra measures to reassure your members and patrons to return to and use cash at your venue as soon as the Government stipulates venues may reopen.

Here is how best to support and reassure your staff and patrons:

  • Give your staff, members and patrons the facts and ensure that they are confident that you are taking precautions to ensure their wellbeing.
  • Ensure your staff, members and patrons are aware that cash is safe to handle provided good hand hygiene is maintained.
  • Clean your ATM and gaming machines regularly along with any other high touch surfaces. Click here to watch a short video on how to properly clean your Next Payments units.
  • Display a sign on your ATMs letting patrons know it is being cleaned – click here for a printer friendly sign.
  • Display a form on or next to your ATM so patrons are informed that your ATM is being cleaned regularly – click here for a printer friendly sign.
  • Have hand sanitiser available throughout your venue including next to your ATM.
  • Use tape to mark “X” signs on the floor in order to indicate a queue to your ATM, but always ensuring 1.5 metre spacing between each “X”.
  • Use your marketing channels, including e-mail and social media, to remind your members that your venue is safe and that you are taking measures to ensure their safety.
  • Download COVIDSafe app to support a relaxation of lockdown laws and a return to order

For further information on Cash and COVID-19, please read our Frequently Asked Questions here or contact us: