Next Payments are showcasing their new Cash Redemption Terminal at AHGE.

A unique new feature is a ‘donate to charity’ option allowing players to donate small change from winnings to a charity of your venue’s choice when they cash out. For example, if a payout is $63, the patron is invited to donate $3, and collect $60. Your venue will facilitate the donations and the CRT will reconcile payments and provide data on how much your patrons are donating.

Corporate social responsibility is quite a recent phenomenon, but it has been at the club movements core for a long time. Today, more people are demanding that companies become more transparent and communicative and take a more hands-on approach to making the world a better place.

A worldwide survey showed that over than half the consumers surveyed (55%) said they would pay more for products and services from companies that are socially and environmentally responsible. This “donate to charity’ feature is a great way to enhance your message and engage with you members and should appeal strongly to many of your female customers in particular.

Other features of the Next Payments CRT include brand new technology and software ensuring it processes transactions quickly, keeping customers happy. It manages jackpot payouts, ticket redemption for cash, redeems cards, breaks bank notes and integrates with your existing loyalty card platform.

The units are engineered and manufactured in Germany, though refined ensuring they meet Australian market requirements, including maximum payouts of $5,000.

To ensure the unit performs to the best of its ability, your venue can access the 24/7 Next Support Centre and talk with a trained technician any time of day or night.  Additionally, the unit self-diagnoses, indicating where the fault is on the 24” screen when staff or technician’s login. German made remote monitoring software is available, which proactively resolves faults, prevents fraud and tracks all transactions.

Next Payments have an exclusive partnership with CountR who are the international leader in CRT manufacturing. CountR supply to casinos and gaming venues internationally, including Europe, America, South Africa and now Australia and New Zealand through Next Payments.

Next Payments are Australia’s fastest growing payments company, 47% owned by Macquarie Group. The company provides premium gaming venues with payment solutions including ATMs, Cash Recycling units, Eftpos cash out for gaming venues, loyalty card programs and now a market leading cash redemption terminal.


To find out more about Next Payments and see their brand new CRT, visit the Next Payments stand 120 at the 2017 AHG

 Alternatively, visit or call 1300 659 918