It’s been a tough year … so it’s nice to get a freebie from a Professional supplier to the Club’s industry. Maybe you could use two gifts?  Read on!



Up to and including the Christmas/New Year period, Utter Professionals will provide our messaging-on-hold subscription service at no cost and absolutely no obligation.

Our first step is your customised script.

Your club’s unique script will be read by professional male and female voice-artists, set to royalty-free music and includes 24-hour programme updates for the rest of the year.

Then, by 1 January 2022, we’ll either continue our subscription with the messaging-on-hold service you already love … or you can return our equipment and programmes with no obligation whatsoever.

Utter Professionals has provided messaging-on-hold services to the Club Industry for nearly 20 years. We know what to say and how to say it … and that’s important when there’s so much happening at your club over the Festive Season.

Contact the Utter Professionals team via and we’ll begin drafting your scripts straight away.



We have a beautiful recording of The Ode read by a Digger who served in World War 2 that we are honoured to make available.

There’s a lovely story behind how the recording came to be and we’ll be more than happy to recount the tale to any Club that requests a recording for their own use.

Click here to listen to The Ode  


Say Hi to the Utter Professionals team through