Circle is a market leader in providing venues with visitor management hardware and software solutions to streamline visitor and member entry.

You can capture visitor information, identify who is coming in, and where they are coming from, and comply with regulatory body standards by electronically capturing visitor data.

Since we specialise in ID scanning, QR code check-ins, and touch screen sign-ins, we are known and trusted as a leader in the market for specialised visitor management systems.

Just a few of our features:

  • NSW DDL (Digital Driver Licence) – QR code on screen for quick access.
  • BetSafe API – Let the API do the hard work, the BetSafe API automatically updates the Self Exclusion lists in CircleScan on a predefined schedule. Includes full exclusion, partial exclusions, all patron details and photos.
  • Circle Express – Bring electronic sign-in to your patrons, take our unit to the queues, release those bottlenecks.
  • Scan to Join – Patrons can join at sign-in
  • Ability to Swipe NSW licences and photo cards – We have added capability for visitors with NSW licences and photo cards to swipe their licences on the terminals if the patron has entered the venue previously


To learn how we can help your business, get in touch with us and join the Circle team.


 Alternatively come and see us at the AGE, we will be on Stand 734.