As managers, we all want to buy the latest and greatest games in the market, but if you are a venue that doesn’t make it into the Top 50 each quarter then the likelihood that you can continue to purchase the “latest and greatest” from every manufacturer each time they release new games is just not realistic. However, in the current market clubs cannot afford to get behind with new game purchases so this has to be balanced with a focus on games that will go the distance. With a new COO in place and with the experience of managing Global Studios, IGT has very quickly turned to a focus on new games that build on long-term success, ensuring most clubs can access both new releases and popular stable games

Game Performance Cycles

When looking at new game performance data information from either Max or directly from manufacturers the focus is always on the performance of the latest games. In the game ranking charts, these newest games, are often right at the top of the list. It isn’t true these days that new games are only released into the biggest clubs first to ensure strong results because for a single game or two released into a venue with 600 machines it is hard to stand out from the crowded gaming floor, so the performance results are often more widespread than most assume.

It is true that the new games usually do very well for a month or two in the state-wide data while they are fresh on gaming floors and generating high turnover from players eager to try out new games.

While we all focus on these new games, we often miss the slightly older games from previous game release cycles that have stabilised and have been sitting above the state average for months. We also tend to focus on the top 20 games on our own ranking reports, missing some sitting just above the average that we can double-up on and add extras to indoor or outdoor areas.

Identifying these games is important when purchasing new games because sometimes venues miss the opportunity to double up on these very stable games and try them inside & outside, especially games such as Fireball & Mighty Strike family that have 1c – $2 option which will :

  • Provide excitement and interest for players with new games, and
  • ensuring you have some games with proven long-term success that are unlikely to require further game changes for 12 months or more

IGT New Games

A great example of this process is IGT’s new Fortune Lines game range and a fresh addition to their successful Multistar game range.  Fortune Lines Dynasty Treasures and Fortune Lines Egyptian Storm were only released in November and have been very popular games since their introduction to the market. With lots of clubs quick to access these games their performance results for November showed them among the leading new games in the NSW Club market. For December, their results remain strong and they fit the market for a regular gamer that we are currently seeing maintaining their interest in visiting often. The games combine a traditional line game with the players’ favourite hold and respin style of feature. The hold and respin feature is triggered by a classic ‘5 of a kind’ line win which ensures players spend less to get into the feature.

To see how the games play, check out the game video here>>> 

Multistar Brilliant Diamonds was released in September and consists of six well known and popular games that have a range of denominations from 1c to $1. This game pack enables clubs to update to new machines and trade out many of the older games still popular on their gaming floors such as Taipan, King of the Castle and Navaho Legend.

Slightly older successful games – Fireball

When looking to purchase the new Fortune Lines games don’t forget to discuss adding more Fireball games to your gaming floor. These games were originally released almost a year ago but even since June, when only the best games in each club have remained on the gaming floors due to spacing requirements, the Fireball games Fireball – Blue Moon II Express and Fireball – Money Beans Express have remained well above the state gaming average and are in the market in significant numbers due to their long-term success. IGT has taken the hold and respin style mechanic and added twist with a new overlaid Fireball. With the triggering symbol as an overlay, players achieve both line wins and the feature at the same time.

For clubs that don’t have them already they will be a positive game install, but most clubs can also look at increasing numbers of these games into new areas of the floor to improve overall results.

Performance and Longevity – NSW Clubs

Now is a great time to plan for your year ahead.

Talk to your IGT Territory Manager to discuss additional trade in value when investing in Crystal Curve & 27” to ensure your cabinets in correct positions (Inside & Al Fresco) with the most up-to-date new release games, and some long-term successful games that add value & attract punters to your club (additional trade -in offer expires February 2021)