In 2022, the architecture of newly renovated venues is fantastic, however, with little to no technological innovation being utilised to theming venues, there has been a result in missed opportunities. Regular patrons are asking for unique experiences when they enter their favourite venue, including outstanding venue ambiance, as well as exceptional gaming and dining experiences. This can easily be achieved through engaging, ever-changing content by installing Simtech’s custom immersive LED displays.

A great example of a venue staying relevant post-Covid utilising state-of-the-art LED technology is Carina Leagues Club which continues to attract and retain patrons with its state-of-the-art LED displays.

Simtech designed, manufactured and installed a number of LED displays at Carina Leagues Club which includes a newly renovated entry that has been amplified by two massive interconnected and immersive Simtech LED walls.  Features include high-quality P2 LED pixel technology, overlays for various schedulable animation sequences, customisable picture screens for internal marketing and widgets to show current news headlines, weather and the time around the world. This was a progressive development for Simtech’s in-house animation studio who utilised real-time graphics and game control software to create content.

Jackpot signs, bulkheads, and a marketing display as well as three mega LED screens in the Sidelines sports bar were also recently designed, built, and installed by Simtech with the guidance of Carina Leagues Club.

Simtech’s innovative visual displays electrify spaces of all shapes and sizes – Simtech presents flexible LED and unique displays offering various module options, fully customisable LED design and easy content delivery systems proudly showcased in casinos, hotels, entertainment, leisure, outdoor, and shopping destinations all over the globe. Simtech are pioneers in the boundless field of LED technology, delivering everything from manufacturing, in-house content animation, installation, technical support, and more.

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