Manual cash management is a significant pain point for venues looking to improve efficiency, productivity, and security during their daily cash clearance. Not to mention, the security risks and human error involved in multiple employees handling cash across your venue.

Luckily, with automated cash management technology, and intelligent reporting software, you can easily improve efficiencies and raise your venue’s bottom line. Many leading gaming venues around Australia and New Zealand have found that a Next Payments Cash Recycler and Concilio reconciliation software is the solution.

The Cash Recycler reduces cash touchpoints by sorting, counting and storing over $100,000 in 4.5 minutes in one easy to use and secure unit. This increases efficiency, accuracy, and security during your daily clearance and is saving venues up to 70 hours per week in cash handling and staff supervision. Learn more about their market leading Cash Recycler made for gaming venues.

Operational and financial data from the Cash Recycler, POS, EGMs, CRTs, ATMs and more is sent to their intelligent reconciliation software, Concilio, where it is presented on a clear management dashboard. Concilio works seamlessly with Next Payments’ Cash Recycler, validating data to report on variances in real-time. Watch this video to see how Concilio POS integration works with the Cash Recycler. The software is modular, so you only pay for the functionalities your venue needs.


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