Don’t switch machines off – iSolate them

IGT’s Systems customers to get an intelligent solution for social distancing of gaming machines

IGT has responded to the multiple challenges potentially facing clubs and pubs in NSW with an intelligent alternative to switching off every other machine in a gaming room.

Although the social distancing requirements for gaming are currently unknown, many in the industry are assuming they will have to switch off every other gaming machine or make significant moves of machines – and potentially purchasing new bases.

However, IGT’s ADVANTAGE CLUB customers will soon benefit from a new solution, IGT iSolate, which intelligently disables machines either side of a gaming machine as soon as a player starts a gaming session on one machine.

Once the player finishes their playing session, the machines either side are auto-activated and an urgent page is sent to a nearby gaming attendant to sanitise the machine before the next player arrives.

For many gaming managers, they will no longer have to guess which machines to switch off in order to generate the best return in a limited gaming environment. Plus, they won’t have to spend on re-modelling and moving their gaming floor layout to meet potential new restrictions. Click here to download iSolate overview

IGT ADVANTAGE CLUB is a gaming management solution that enables venues of all sizes to better manage their business, attract more patrons and deliver innovative solutions that increase customer loyalty – giving them significant competitive advantage.

To find out more about IGT iSolate and ADVANATAGE CLUB, please contact:

John van Waard
IGT Snr Manager Systems Sales, AsiaPac

M: 0439 249 601