EAGLEi360 has a management dashboard that displays critical data in real time, including turnover figures, budget performance, top members, daily gaming machine reporting and interactive floor plans. EAGLEi360 also generates reporting for management and board meetings easily.

Outside of the dashboard, EAGLEi360 provides detailed data on gaming floor management, including a live view of individual EGM performance, occupancy, turnover and more to help optimise your gaming floor and keep members engaged.

It also provides a member management CRM functionality that allows you to store your members’ interests and preferences, so that you can offer them a greater in-venue experience, or act as a tool to assist staff practice harm minimisation tactics.

EAGLEi360’s marketing campaign creation tool allows you to plan and manage your marketing campaigns, using your member data. The easy-to-use system allows you to segment members to create tailored campaigns, for example, send promotions or offers to your ‘VIP members’, or perhaps something to attract ‘missing members’ who you have not seen recently. The software reports on the marketing effectiveness, so you can improve future campaigns and provides ROI data.

For more information on EAGLEi360, visit nextpayments.com.au/eaglei360 or call 1300 659 918 to speak to our friendly Victorian team.


The EAGLEi360 product is a joint venture between Next Payments and DNS Specialist Services