With the increased costs of running a business as well as the rise in local competition, the investment in discovering innovative ways to attract your customer’s attention using new overseas trends and technology is becoming crucial to enhance consumer experience within your venue.

“Looking at satisfying customers to boost restaurant and venue revenue, the significance of interior and ambience is one of the top four factors that decide success for your venue” according to 10 of the best blog.

With the fundamental business need, to encourage customer spending and ultimately increase turnover, what methods is your business using to connect with your customers – to really grab and retain their attention? Knowing that even while they visit your venue, they’re browsing and being fed engaging content and advertising as they wait on their meals and drinks.

A successful way to grab your customer’s attention immediately after they walk through your door is to submerge them in Simtech’s indoor immersive displays. Standard LCD screens tacked onto walls look dated and unattractive, impacting venues’ ambience and customer satisfaction negatively. Utilising new global LED technology trends, LED can now be seamlessly integrated into joinery, walls, and architecture. Coupled with Simtech’s content creation, your venue can leave a lasting impression on customers.

LED displays, transparent LED, curved immersive LED walls, LED entrance portals, column wraps, curved sports split-screens, LED column wraps, LED ceiling displays and curved jackpot displays to name a few.

The team at Simtech based in Australian, US, Macau and Philippines are continuously searching for new global LED trends, with assistance from the in-house Innovation and creative division, customers are relishing bespoke, custom-designed LED products that offer practical and informative solutions as well as suit venue architecture. Simtech recently introduced the double layer LED for gaming displays, where the second layer of LED is back from the main section, giving customers more opportunities to customise their content and attract customers’ attention.

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