Entain and Leagues Clubs Australia (LCA) Forge Strategic Partnership in Entertainment Sector.

Entain Australia and New Zealand has joined forces with Leagues Clubs Australia (LCA) in a landmark agreement that designates Entain Venues as the exclusive ‘Diamond Status’ entertainment partner. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Entain Venues which has already made waves in the market through ground-breaking sponsorships and strategic partnerships.

The partnership is a significant milestone for Entain, reaffirming its ambition as a leading player in entertainment off the back of the recent acquisition of Full House Group Australia, expanding its presence in over 1,000 clubs and pubs nationally, solidifying its reputation as an industry leader.

“We are delighted to embark on this long-term partnership with Leagues Clubs Australia, and we extend our gratitude to the board and CEO Don Hammond for their support,” stated Mark Sturdy, General Manager – Entain Venues.

“LCA boasts a rapidly growing membership base, which reflects the immense value they provide to their members. Our focus is centered on delivering value to venues through our entertainment products, with continuous innovation to attract new audiences while retaining existing ones.”

The strategic sponsorship agreement is set to commence on July 1st, 2023, with a contractual term of five years. This collaboration solidifies Entain’s commitment to providing top-tier entertainment experiences to patrons of LCA-affiliated clubs and venues. Entain Venues will bring its expertise, industry-leading technology, and innovative solutions to enhance the entertainment offerings and drive growth for LCA establishments.

Don Hammond, CEO of Leagues Clubs Australia, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are excited by the partnership and look forward to working with Entain Venues as they build out their entertainment products to create additional reasons for customers to attend our members venues”.

Entain and Leagues Clubs Australia’s collaboration is poised to create new opportunities for both entities in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape. By combining their resources, expertise, and shared commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences, they aim to redefine the entertainment offerings available within LCA-affiliated venues.

For more information see the Group’s website: www.entaingroup.com