Marketers are in the business of growth – and growth suddenly matters to everyone.

Not so long ago, society could take it for granted that most companies and categories would get bigger from one year to the next. In a world of pandemic aftershocks, unfolding geopolitical crises and supply chain challenges, that’s no longer the case. Events keep throwing up barriers to prosperity that have an impact on everyone. As a result, the skills and creativity required to find ways for businesses to grow have never mattered more.

It’s a time for experts who can imagine, identify and expand new markets; experts who can build brands, give confidence to businesses and their customers, create demand, connect to opportunity – and use it all to build the bottom line. The world needs big thinking from marketers and the agencies that support them. It needs a New Growth Mindset. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in the new magazine from LinkedIn’s Big Minds Collective.

Issue 2 of our Big Thinking digital magazine  aims to meet the challenge of re-imagining growth and how to deliver it. We’ve brought together pioneering thinkers from within marketing and media – and from outside. Together they explore the new expectations that marketers need to meet, the new barriers they need to overcome – and the new ideas that can help them to do it:

  • The mission to develop sustainable marketing strategies
  • The secrets of the world’s most creative organizations
  • Why expectations of leaders need to change
  • Tactics and techniques for marketing after the cookie
  • How media buying can be a force for good
  • Why it’s time for B2B marketers to ditch creative commitment issues

Big Thinking from The Big Minds Collective is available to read online now. It’s your starting point for exploring new ways to grow – and there’s never been a better time to read it.