A brand new, fully functional members hub that not only streamlines the membership sign-up and renewal process but also allows customers to order food, allocate a buzzer number, purchase raffle tickets, create a bar tab and pay using a credit card or promotion points has been launched by SENPOS.

Developed over 12 months in-house by Australian software engineers, the cutting-edge technology offers venue patrons a brand new customer experience.

Darren Zink, Head Developer, explains, “In the same way that SENPOS was originally born from a gap in the market, so too is the Kiosk. Kiosks aren’t new – but the current Kiosks in venues are extremely limiting – they only offer one or two functions and spit out a ticket. Our team knew a Kiosk could and should offer more, considering the investment venues make when they purchase one, and the software in this Kiosk allows for so much more patron engagement.”

The Kiosk is the product of extensive research and consultative effort with many clubs across Australia. It ties seamlessly into the SENPOS environment, meaning it can be managed centrally from the back of house and provides management with real-time data on kiosk engagement, member card swipes, points awarded and redeemed and daily games wins.

The Members Kiosk will launch at the AGE 2018.

Further details please contact:

Terri Sucker

02 49  62 1313