Last month in The Drop we wrote about some of the concerns facing clubs wanting to deploy of Automated Facial Recognition – and even those who already using AFR.

To recap, there are two major concerns.

  • The potential for AFR to attract negative publicity – as experienced by some retailers (Bunnings & others) after an article in Choice Magazine.
  • The question of whether the technology will be operationally effective and efficient for the club. Basically, “will it work for us and is it affordable”.

The article in Choice Magazine exposed weaknesses in the way these retailers prepared and planned their deployment of AFR.

Although it has “spooked” a lot of us, it is probably a good thing – a lesson – for our industry.

AFR is an innovative technology – or at least its application in Clubs is innovative – being “too quick off the mark” with an innovation can be disappointing – or even worse, cause serious problems.

Now, we are aware of the preparations needed before flicking the switch on Face Recognition technology.

As well as the regular due diligence you apply to any system purchase, you will need to look closely at the privacy and data collection protocols of the system itself and in your own operations.

3 Key Questions To Ask About The AFR System You Are Considering:

  1. How will the system work in your venue’s environment?
  2. How efficiently it connects with your existing technology?
  3. Are the privacy and data protection protocols within the system itself strong enough to comply with the expectations of the members, patrons, the general public and regulators.

2 Critical Questions Venue Managers Should Ask About Their Use Of AFR:

  1. Can you justify the use of the technology? Is AFR necessary for solving an issue or potential issue? Is the use of AFR proportional to the issue that needs addressing? (Yes, yes I know there’s 3 questions right there, but the real task is to be able to give compelling reasons for using AFR).
  2. Will you be able to take steps to demonstrate your use of AFR is ethical? In other words, do you have, or can you introduce, suitable protocols and documentation for protecting data, privacy and human rights. (This probably can’t happen overnight, but a start can be made very quickly.)

Exact Technologies is fully aware that these questions can be a barrier for clubs. As Steve Van Zwieten, Exact’s CEO, tells us:

Yeah, it all sounds a bit overwhelming. Our role is not just to sell the product but to provide the service and support clubs need when starting with Facial Recognition. So, we have built a process for deploying Face Rec, that will help clubs overcome these barriers.”

The process Steve has laid out is pretty simple and it underscores the Exact Tech philosophy that their success is very much dependent on the success of their clients. The process is:

Step 1: Call Exact and arrange an in-venue AFR demonstration. At the same time Exact will assess your needs. As a result of the demonstration and assessment (with your permission) Exact will provide you with a quote for their AFR solution.

Step 2: Exact Technologies will install their Face Recognition solution in your venue and allow you to operate for a trial period of 2 weeks. This installation will occur after you have agreed, in principle, to the quote. If, after the 2-week trial, you decide it’s not for you then we’ll remove it – no questions asked.

Step 3: Exact Technologies, in conjunction with their technology partners will work with you on the issues of proportionality, privacy, data protection and ethical use of the system. This step will be taken once the 2-week trial is completed and you confirm the Exact Technologies solution for your venue.

“To work out if a system will suit, there’s nothing quite so good as getting hands-on experience of it. Were very confident that our system will prove itself.” Steve replied when asked about the 3 Steps. “And we have done a lot of work on the privacy issues and we have access to one of the world leaders in this area. So, we think we can bring great value to clubs who want to operate ethically.”

There are many reasons for getting ahead of the game on this.

One powerful reason is that gaming jurisdictions are closely examining facial recognition as part of their criteria for operating gaming venues. South Australia has already mandated its use.

There is compelling evidence to show facial recognition in clubs can be used as a force for good and there is substantial public interest in doing so. With Exact, this technology can be deployed ensuring the rights of all humans are protected.

If this is something you are interested in or need, you should contact Owen Kerin on 0474 127 547 or at

Exact’s experience and expertise in clubs, pubs and licensed venues is extensive. Exact is the ideal team to look to when you’re considering technology for your venue. Start your conversation with them today.


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