Facial recognition systems can deliver significant benefits – especially for licensed venues. The benefits cover the full range from protocols that protect the security and safety of your business through to enhancing programs that generate customer loyalty.

It is important to get a bit of an understanding of these systems.

There are really only 3 components to facial recognition systems.

To get value for your investment you need to consider all three. They are:

  1. Face detection – basically locating faces amongst all other things moving through the camera range.
  2. Image capture – this takes the facial characteristics and converts them into a digital data set.
  3. Matching – confirms the digital data set matches a face held in the reference data base.

Now, items 1 & 2 – detection & capture – are part of the system you purchase.

And Item 3 – Matching faces –   is determined by the reference database. Your database is the resource that drives how well the system operates.

In short, the quality of image in your member database will determine the potential benefit you get from any facial recognition software – not just ours!

Rather than splash out on facial recognition software, give due consideration to the information sources that will be used by facial recognition. Do not fall into a creating a “garbage in, garbage out” trap.

It’s pretty easy to avoid this – simply organise to have a live demonstration of the systems that may be in contention for your venue. When you have the demo make sure you:

  • The system has the capability of meeting your specific need(s). In other words, know exactly what outcomes you need from the system and ensure they are addressed in the demo.
  • An assessment of your database is included to determined how well it will interface with the system and/or what may need attention.
  • Carefully assess the capabilities and culture of the vendor – you will undoubtedly need their assistance and support; it is important you can rely on them.

What are the specific needs that a facial recognition system could satisfy? Here are 5 that may be on your mind:

  • Strengthening your security
  • Increased control over access to your property
  • Enhanced customer service at your venue – especially your VIP member programs
  • Tightening self-exclusion programs
  • Reduce unnecessary contact with customers – improve social distancing when necessary.

It really is a time to speak with someone who has expertise in installing and operating all types of security technology and who also has extensive experience in hospitality and gaming.

EXACT TECHNOLOGIES is the perfect partner for that conversation, and we will come to your venue to also demonstrate a system that offers features a step ahead of competitors.

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Exact’s experience and expertise in clubs, pubs and licensed venues is extensive and the ideal team to look to when you’re considering technology for your venue.

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