Interest in facial recognition technology has been increasing for some time now but COVID 19 caused an exponential jump.

The recent jump due to COVID is understandable because it is fairly clear that facial recognition can play an important role in the way a venue manages its occupancy. But there are other ways facial recognition can add value to club, hospitality and gaming venues.

Here’s our top 5 applications for the technology in this environment:

  • Strengthening security – this technology has been used for a long time, in many environments, to increase the effectiveness of security operations. The impact is on both:
    • Improving situational awareness and taking action to prevent problems developing to a critical point and
    • Identifying individuals involved in incidents.
  • Greater control over access to your venue – most venues already have systems that control access to venues or areas within venues. This technology can tighten up that access and provide more reliable documentation of access.
  • Enhanced customer service – when trying to deliver very individualised service wanted by key customers this technology is really valuable. Some customers may want very low levels of attention, others very high … and there is whole range in-between. Face recognition can help deliver a very customised and personalised service plan for each selected individual.
  • Tighter self-exclusion programs – one of the great challenges of responsible gaming is preventing re-entry by self-excluded people. Using facial recognition makes this tighter and offers both the self-excluded person and the venue stronger protection.
  • Reducing unnecessary contact with customers – COVID 19 has shown us there are many potential restrictions on both venue entry and occupancy. Further, these have to be managed in a contactless way. Facial recognition is really a fit-for-purpose solution for these situations.

Obviously, every club, hospitality or gaming venue has different levels of need for this type of solution – however, it is probably wise to at least have a look and determine its relevance for your venue.

Asking the questions and seeing the technology at work will only cost you time. It’s pretty easy to organise a live demonstration – preferably at your venue, under similar conditions (light, traffic etc) that will be faced when in operation.

It really is a time to speak with someone who has expertise in installing and operating all types of security technology and who also has extensive experience in hospitality and gaming.

EXACT TECHNOLOGIES is the perfect partner for that conversation, and we will come to your venue to also demonstrate a system that offers features a step ahead of competitors.

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