The 2021 For Love or Money Report has been released for Australia and New Zealand.  Since 2013 The Point of Loyalty has tracked changes and revealed insights into the Australian perception of loyalty programs since 2013.  This year, with adaptions driven by COVID, the report is a vital tool for marketing managers looking to reboot their rewards programs.

The Executive Summary Report for Australia has highlighted that for 2021 the average number of memberships for Australians has remained at 4.4 only 43% of program members are active in all the programs they are enrolled in and this has been declining since 2015. This means rebooting your rewards programs must, at least for upper tier members, hold increasing value and a tangible benefit for them.

Throughout 2020 almost half (48%) the program members remained loyalty to the rewards programs they were members of with boomers (37%) the least loyal.

Interestingly 51% of people agreed that they were OK with sharing their personal information with a loyalty program knowing that it would enhance their membership experience.

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