There are a lot of venues who are not meeting their basic compliance requirements when it comes to their hydraulic assets. Some clubs don’t even have a detailed asset list of where all their hydraulic assets are, and what condition they are in, to be able to plan capital or maintenance properly.

The main areas of non-compliance are:

  • TMV testing – should be carried out every 6 months for high-risk areas and 12 months for low risk
  • Backflow testing – should be every 12 months with a major service every 5 years
  • Access points – particularly for high-risk work

A Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) is a valve that blends hot water with cold water to produce an even temperature thus ensuring there is constantly safe outlet temperature, preventing scalding.

TVM’s are used to protect people especially customers, the elderly, people with disabilities and young children from scalding.  They also reduce the risk of disease spreading in your water supply. Due to the potential for serious burns at 60°C, there is a compliance requirement to ensure a safe temperature at the tap

A backflow device or RPZ device is a specialised valve designed to prevent potentially contaminated water from flowing back into the water supply. Periodic maintenance and testing of a backflow device is a strict requirement from the local water authority for all property owners that have a backflow prevention device installed within their properties water supply. An RPZ device is required to be installed on all properties where there is a possibility of contaminating the drinking water supply.

The Watertight Group can provide you with a free audit and give you advice on a program of maintenance that suits your budget, ranging from what you need to do to comply with minimum requirements, through to a best practice programmed maintenance program to minimIse overall maintenance costs caused by reactive maintenance and call outs.

Their team of expert plumbers and tailored scheduled maintenance programs will keep your operations running as efficiently and smoothly as possible and prevent small and large-scale problems from occurring, saving you unnecessary insurance claims, lost productivity and safety issues.

Watertight Group provides these services across all areas including Sydney CBD, Greater Sydney areas, Illawarra region, ACT, Goulburn, Central Coast and other regional NSW areas).

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