Since the appointment of David Punter as National Sales Manager in June this year, gaming manufacturer Konami have been refocusing their priorities on people and product.

They have been investing heavily in development and game diversity and are seeing the benefits with each new release.  Their ‘All Aboard’ product has been the companies most successful product launch in the past 5 years and continues to hold its strong position in the marketplace.

Building on what they do best, Konami is also excited to be presenting five new games in the ‘All Aboard’ Series at AHG in early 2019.

The company’s other key area of focus is on people and teams.  With the appointment of some highly qualified people in key roles that will take effect in early 2019, David Punter believes Konami is well placed for an exciting 2019.

David also says he is passionate about product and that he is very excited about Konami’s new strategic direction which will see the company fast-tracking their best product to all markets – clubs, hotels and casinos – in Australia and New Zealand by the end of the first Quarter (March) of 2019.

For more information contact Konami Australia Pty Ltd  Ph (02) 9666 3111