In just 4 short years the help2help charity has changed the lives of hundreds of Cambodian villagers. It’s also changed the lives of hundreds of dedicated club volunteers who provide hands-on assistance, fundraising and support to the charity which was founded by Barrington Director Blayne Webb and his wife Faye in 2012.

But the help2help initiative has impacted none more so than Tanya Hill, Operations and Gaming Manager form Tweed Heads Bowling Club.  Next month Tanya heads off indefinitely to live in Cambodia and to take charge of the Hospitably School and Ratha’s Restaurant which have been sponsored by one of the foundation clubs assisting the project, Club Rivers.

Tanya will be living and working in the community, situated about 2 hours outside of Siem Reap.

“There are many things we want to achieve over there and believe that education is the foundation to helping them help themselves,” said Tanya. “The decision was made to have a ‘vocational’ education facility instead of the traditional schooling for primary aged children. The reason for doing so is that if we can give the parents or older sibling’s skills that will assist with bringing an income into their family, then there is more chance that their children or younger siblings won’t have to drop out of school after primary schooling to start working to help the family.”

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Help2help’s accomplishments are many and all are the legacy of a dedicated 100% volunteer network. Some of these accomplishments include:

  • More than 8,000 food packs delivered to the poorest families between Phnom Penh and Chikreng District.
  • Over 30 village health clinics with registered nurses acting as a triage to international hospitals as required.
  • Financial support for more than 35 families in urgent need of health support, food and shelter.
  • Provision of more than 100 pigs, through Help2Help’s Pig Project to establish a breeding program to pyramid throughout some of the poorest villages.
  • The shipment of 4 shipping containers from Australia to Cambodia containing much needed medical equipment, school equipment, medical supplies and clothing for the Chikreng District Hospital, River Hospital and River School.
  • Initiating of the Help2Help ‘day for girls’ Program providing basic sanitary needs for young women.
  • The induction of more than 200 Help2Help Ambassadors who have participated in Help2Help Charity Tours between 2012 and 2016.
  • Commencement and completion of the Help2Help Education Centre, a fourteen classroom vocational training centre in the district of Chikreng. The concept is to provide much needed vocational skills to enable a shift from the poverty cycle which exists within the district.
  • The construction of “Ratha’s Restaurant”, a facility within the help2help centre which will provide practical experience for the hospitality students to later secure employment.
  • The 2016 commencement (May) of English, Hygiene, Computer Studies for villagers throughout the 73 villages of the District of Chikkreng.
  • The 2016 commencement (November) of the Schools  of Hospitality, Housekeeping, Agriculture and Textiles, which will provide the skills and experience for students to seek employment in the City of Siem Reap, or alternatively, take his experience back to their respective villages to upskill others.

Since inception help2help has been blessed with the assistance of the registered club industry in Australia. Tanya said “We simply could not have achieved what we have without that assistance. Many of these clubs have sent staff on our Club Industry Charity trips, whilst others have provided support through in-kind donation to hold functions, purchase shipping containers, member collection of clothes and furniture, attendance at fundraisers and so on.”

Foundation sponsors include Wests Ashfield Leagues and Club Rivers. Other clubs & supporters involved so far  include Taren Point Bowling Club, Moorebank Sports Club, Tweed Heads Bowling Club, Campsie RSL, Canada Bay Club, Cabravale Diggers, Lynwood Country Club, Castle Hill RSL Club, Canley Heights RSL, St Johns Park Bowling Club, Club Windang, City Tattersalls Club, Blacktown Workers Group, Castle Hill RSL Group, Carlton United, Westend Estate, Fineline Printing, Wollongong Dental, Dean Bourne & The Robertson Brothers, Blast Engineering, Westmead Hospital, South Western Sydney Tafe, Global Coffee, Forty Winks, Urban Drift and a raft of other businesses and individuals.



Tanya has asked use to help spread the word so if you are a club, pub or casino who may be renovating, have any of the following in storage, or want to set up a collection point for donations, please drop Blayne or Faye a line at help2help. They would be delighted to hear from you.

Blayne Webb –

Faye Webb –

“A help2help call out. We will be having a shipping container head to Cambodia in May and we are looking for some specific items for the help2help centre. If you could assist it would be gratefully appreciated. If there an organisation that is willing to buy a shipping container or pay for the transport for the charity – we would be over the moon.


  • 14 teachers desks (I am sure there are some schools out there that have similar type desks in storage somewhere)
  • 14 similar size teachers chairs
  • 14 generous sized whiteboards
  • 14 wall mounted fans (help2help centre)
  • 12 wall mounted fans (volunteer quarters)
  • 5 high tables (club/pub style) for restaurant
  • 200 plastic student chairs
  • Any garden tools to create the h2h market gardens
  • A commercial grade petrol whipper snipper
  • A commercial grade grinder and other power tools
  • Tins of white paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Chainsaw
  • Clothes – children’s and small adult in good condition
  • Basketballs and other sporting equipment for future Castle Hill RSL Group Sporting area.
  • Stationary and other school equipment
  • Wads of A4 photocopy paper
  • Laptop computers in good condition and capable to Wi-Fi
  • Insect repellents
  • Toothbrushes/toothpaste/soaps etc.
  • Portable air conditioners
  • A large V shaped black board for Ratha’s Restaurant
  • Towels and linen in good condition


I know the above is extensive but if you could assist with any little part- it would be fantastic.


Many thanks

Tanya Hill