We are off to a great start with many clubs and hotels reporting solid gaming turnover since reopening, especially considering it is the start of what is traditionally our busiest period of the year. Yet we have some groups still not ‘brave’ enough to come in; only vaccinated guests can enter, mask restrictions for staff and customers, and everyone – both clubs/pubs and customers alike– are carefully watching their bottom line

The Drop asked leading industry specialists in Gaming and Marketing what they are working on now to ensure they continue to improve in the lead up to Christmas.

Marketing Priorities – Linda Joannides – Marketing (for Gaming) Specialist – Your Marketing Mentor

  • RE-ENGAGEMENT – Especially with your most valuable members

Directly engage with your members, especially your most valuable members, and not just through direct mail and EDM’s. Make sure you add that personal touch and don’t forget to pick up the phone where necessary, especially with those VIP’s who may not have returned. Keep in mind that recognition is more powerful than reward, and that the more touches you make, the more theo you generate.

Continue to highlight that the health and safety of members is a priority e.g. you are a Covid safe venue and what you are doing to maintain that; that all staff are fully vaccinated & only vaccinated patrons will be allowed to enter premises etc.   Also let members know what will be open at your venue and at what times – let them know what to expect when you reopen.

Continue to work your re-engagement strategy and plan for at least 3 months as more opportunities and access comes online. This will get you through the busy period until Christmas. After that, you will have quarterly data to underpin your 2022 plans.


We are entering a whole new world and old data from pre-lockdown is not relevant. It has never been more important to monitor data daily so you know who is back and reward them, and who is missing and may need an incentive to reactivate. Especially watch that turnover x visitation data. Also have a plan for acquisition over the next 3 months, there could be a lot of member movement and new opportunities for growth.


Offer an incentive for your most valuable members and/or a welcome back surprise and delight offer for any valuable customers who haven’t yet returned. Have an activation plan for the next three months as more opportunities and access becomes available.


Gaming Priorities – Justine Channing Gaming Specialist (Cream Gaming)


We now have fresh data for October, so check to see if there is a change in how players are moving around the gaming room. Some regular players have been slow to return so you may need to relocate some game types to accommodate this shift in movement, particularly if you still have empty machine spaces on your floor. These changes will impact how you choose to set up your indoor Vs outdoor gaming areas.


It is most important now to take note of new players who have high levels of play. They may still be working from home, are largely unaffected financially, and have more leisure time. Developing a connection with these players quickly is important for a longer-term relationship. If they are playing at higher levels, they should be rewarded at that level immediately. Don’t wait 6 months to upgrade their tier and reward them.


When reaching out to your opted in gaming machine players it is important to recognise that they enjoy playing and it is the main area of interest for them in communications. They aren’t interested in your opening restaurant specials. Instead, they will be most keen to find out about new games, new links and new gaming machines. Let them know what new games that will be coming in the next few weeks on your gaming floor and the game features, and if any of their favourites are being moved around.


At this stage all you can do is continue to monitor your data and activate spending only in areas where you gain the most returns. These areas should be your sole focus for marketing and gaming communications.


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