Security systems have a very important job to do – they protect your business and its assets, including your team, your clients and your reputation.

And they can play an even bigger role – the information about your business that comes from your security systems is intelligence that could – and should – be harnessed to inform important decisions.

These days the cameras watching your property are smart – they deliver data. Under the right conditions this data can be used to deliver much more than security outcomes. Two things needed to achieve this are:

  • Configuring your security system to ensure the data delivered is relevant to your operations and/or strategic decisions for your business. Of course, this cannot compromise your security needs.
  • Having the analytical resources capable of converting the raw data into information you can use.

Taking this approach to your security system will bring benefits to WHS, efficiency, and productivity. It can also contribute to decision-making about things like – traffic management, occupancy management, staffing levels, product placement, operation hours, construction and refurbishment decisions.

The bottom line is, extending the way your security system functions offers returns – significant returns.

In this era of venue restrictions that can be dialed up and down quickly, deployment of your security system becomes particularly important – managing occupancy in zones of your venue means having real-time information.

Taking this zone information a few steps further – let’s say to your carpark. You can use zoned traffic and occupancy data to make decisions about investing in things like: creating a gated zone for VIP members,  resurfacing the existing area, building a new one, providing shuttles, creating pedestrian paths … a whole range of enhancements that may improve both the perception and comfort of your customers.

Or, help you avoid making decisions that both waste your resources and create a poor perception. For example, you could avoid spending millions on a decked carpark that becomes something of a white elephant for 80% of the week.

Expanding the application of your security and surveillance systems is a subject for discussion with your security systems provider.

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