AGT pull even closer to Aristocrat when you look at the Top 100 1 cent games in NSW largely because they have so many successful games that have been in the market for years. With most of us focusing on the strength of  Arisocrat’s new games, it’s important to remember that all manufacturers have a very strong, and long list, of games that have lasted in the market for a long time and in some cases several years. While they may have recently dropped out of the top 30 games in your club, its likely that they are still well above the floor average and contributing significantly to your profit line.

  • When purchasing new machines, make sure you look to add in some of their older games in as conversions to freshen up product that has dropped below your floor average through age. There are probably many that you have never had that will be new to your players.
  • Manufacturers often release new games for older product lines but they aren’t always the best games. They tend to be the ones they hold back because they are uncertain of their potential performance, so there is some risk in purchasing these conversions. The less risky option to use their older successful games you haven’t had before which will probably stay on your floor for years


By J. Channing