Mobile phone usage in Australia has continued to increase steadily and has risen to over 20 million users (more than 83% of the total population) across all ages. For the under 40s group that percentage increases to over 90%, but older groups now are more significant users and their numbers are growing as the population ages. People now in their late 70s were in the peak of their careers when mobiles were introduced, and they are just as comfortable as younger generations.

Yet with such a significant number of users there are very few clubs and hotels that offer charging stations for their customers. With people considering mobile phones as “safety equipment” they will leave a venue to get home before the battery dies.

While there are lots of options the most popular chargers for clubs and hotels include:

  • Power Station 2 holds 12 portable wireless phone chargers that store enough power to charge guests smart phones and suits all smart phone brands. The rack can be held in a reception area in large clubs and hotels and released to and returned by customers for recharging. Perfect for pokie players who can recharge while playing machines.

    • Bar Charger – the Barman Universal Phone and Tablet Charger is a compact table-top charging solution. It can charge up to 4 mobile phones and has a stand that can be used for viewing while charging. Perfect for families in the bistro.

  • Digital Screen Charging Station is a modern, slim & compact design for venues with space constraints that can charge up to 4 smart phones. The perfect solution for small bars and clubs and lounge areas in larger venues.

Ensure your customers don’t leave when their phone battery dies and talk to BTG about their mobile charging stations at AGE 2019.