Article by Danielle Rayner- GSL Solutions

Time and time again I see software in clubs and pubs that doesn’t take into account the entire demographic of that venue, in-particular those at a promotional or gaming VIP level that are regular visitors to the venue.

Of course, there is a vast difference in technical levels, however, as a software system owner who is involved in launching a system across multiple venues, it’s obvious to me that the majority of the gaming demographics in clubs and gaming-focused pub venues are just not very technically savvy.

You need to be seen as continually innovating, so how do you innovate yet still keep things very simple for those who have never even been online, can’t speak English or have never sent or received an email?

The points of technology that customers may interact with regularly during their visits are a membership and/or loyalty card, a kiosk within the venue, a CRT, an ATM, a poker machine, a car parking swipe entry and payment machine, and a venue phone app (if they even know how to go to the app store to download the app).


Minimise the points of technology interaction within the venue. Don’t assume that one kiosk company can do everything and be good at everything. Look at a reputable kiosk provider who is integrating with other dependable technology companies within the industry to offer your members “one touchpoint of interaction”. This one-touch point also needs to be a user-friendly technology experience for the end user.

Gobsmacked Loyalty has integrated with Ebet, Aristocrat, Wymac, Player Elite, RedeemX and soon to be, Sen Pos kiosks. “Our aim is to essentially make our kiosk obsolete on the floor yet still give members a touchpoint to check balances and make transfers as there would be less than 50 per cent of VIP members who are comfortable with using a mobile phone app.”

Also, pick a mobile phone app provider that is integrating with other software programs. “For many years, people have asked me if I am developing a mobile phone app for GSL. This has never been part of our roadmap. If we had ever launched our own mobile phone app, our clients over time will end up with 5 mobile phone apps to run 5 different pieces of software within the venue. So we have developed integrations with existing mobile phone app providers within the industry with Aristocrat being our first partner. RedeemX and Webflex are also going to be mobile phone app partners for GSL.”

GSL runs a points to dollar spend loyalty system where most of our cardholders are the gaming and promotional demographic, over 60, not technical and with more than 50% unable go online.

So how do we innovate a product like this without alienating the demographic? 

“With many venues now on board, we get a really good understanding of the market as to what works and what is hard for the member to use.  We get feedback from the members themselves.  One issue we had to resolve was balance checks. Members who can’t go online have been checking their dollar balances either with staff or by typing in a password (6 digit number) at the kiosk.  Although they could still check their balances at the kiosk, the fact that it was requiring a 6 digit password to view it was too confusing for elderly members. We have now updated this functionality and just made it live and pin protected with a 4 digit pin that they regularly use with our program. A small change with fewer steps has made a world of difference.”

GSL has also developed a better payments system. “We have gone from overnight payments to instant payments (upon venue approval) which means members won’t need to feel they need to check their balance before making a purchase with their prepaid eftpos card. “

Another key factor is members understanding – what the steps are to use the technology. An important factor is to have your software available in multiple languages for the different cultural backgrounds of your members. At present, our software is available in 13 different languages and we will ensure that every single language required by our venues will be catered for and updated as they roll-out to their demographic. We have venues where some members don’t speak any English at all so this is imperative to the success of the loyalty program for our venues VIP programs.

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