As we start to see light at the end of the tunnel for COVID-19 restrictions, it’s important to act now ensure that your business remains top of mind on the other side.

If you’re still sitting on the fence about how to adjust your plan to prepare for post COVID-19 recovery – we’ve shared a few tips to help you get started.

Social media advertising

If you’ve switched to takeaway for the time being, consider ramping up orders through cheap Facebook and Instagram ads that will get your takeaway menu to your audience.  There are still many ways to stay relevant to your audience through Facebook advertising. With less and less people advertising on Facebook due to COVID 19 budget cuts, your $ spend will go further.

 Consider these quick tips:

1. Creating geo-targeted ads within a 1-3km radius of your venue to ensure you’re reaching the right people within your target area.

2. Choose an objective relative to what you want people to do. For instant distribution: ‘Reach’ or ‘Brand Awareness’ are good options or choose ‘Website Traffic’ to drive customers to your online takeaway menu

3. Make the creative to go with your copy something enticing and engaging. This can include a short video clip, a carousel of meals.

4. Ensure you visit Facebook Ads manager to assess the impressions, people reached and click throughs to your website for your spend

Facebook Groups

Now is the time to jump on the Facebook Group bandwagon and become active on your suburb’s local community Facebook group page! These members are your exact target audience.

Facebook Groups have also a far more favourable algorithm when it comes to showing content than a business page so there is an increase in your posts being seen by the right people for FREE.

These are groups run by members of that community on a volunteer basis. Here are some top tips for posting include the following:

1. Be genuine – people respond well to businesses who display a level of care and concern, particularly during these times. If you’re seeking support, communicate that to the group.

2. Read the rules – before posting anything on the page, be sure to read the group rules (which usually are pinned to the top of the page or appear as you request to join the group.)

3. Encourage friends, staff and family members to also join the group and support you through commenting on any content shared by the business. The more people who engage with the post, the more people within the group who will see it.

Video has skyrocketed

Online videos platforms such as Instagram TV (IGTV), Facebook Live and Tik Tok have surged during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Many head chefs like Neil Perry are getting it so right with “isolation cook-offs” and cocktail enthusiasts are creating unique at-home concoctions like What’s Marisa Drinking.

So what are top tips to create your own video content:

1. Ensure your camera is in the landscape position NOT portrait (unless you are posting purely stories which require portrait position)

2. Use your main camera on your phone (not selfie mode), it’s better quality

3. Keep your phone stable – whether that be investing in a cheap mobile tripod or an object for your phone to lean on especially if you’re sharing a recipe and handling lots of equipment and ingredients.

Jump on the limitless PR opportunities:

Online publications such as Time Out, Broadsheet, Eat Drink Play and Urban List are proactively looking for experiences and activities people can do at home. This is an opportunity for restaurants to pitch to these journalists their takeaway offer, promotion or store.

Here are some tips to consider when pitching to a journalist

– Ask the journalist to include your restaurant’s special offer to a list of published ‘round ups’ (if there’s one online already)?

– Get straight to the point and tell the ‘hook’ of the story in the first few words (that makes your business different)

The above steps are some simple ways to adjust your marketing plan to the new circumstances of 2020. It’s important to not let the uncertainty of COVID-19 stop you from taking action and being present with your customers. There are still opportunities for companies to connect and make sales for those who are prepared and leverage the resources readily available on social media and from a PR perspective. If you put in the extra effort now, you’ll be well equipped to handle the second half of 2020 and kick off 2021 stronger than ever!

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