In researching stories and information for The Drop we often come across unusual ideas that could be converted into unique services for club and hotel businesses. Sometimes the stories may not seem immediately relevant to clubs and hotels but every idea you come across has the potential to be converted into a point of difference when you think outside the box.  Here are a few of the top ideas discovered so far in 2019 and some ways to convert them into fresh offers for members and guests.

Secret Wine Cellars

Story: A recently renovated hotel in New York, AKA Sutton Place, is a luxury long-stay brand.  AKA introduced an exclusive amenity, only known by word of mouth: luxe wine lockers. AKA caters to travelers who are wine enthusiasts by providing the space to appropriately store specialty wines purchased during a guests’ stay. 

OK, so pubs and club in Australia aren’t in this market in most cases, but we do have cellars that are holding less stock and cellar space that could easily be converted into private cellars for top tier players for rewards points, or for regular members for a small monthly fee. Offering a surprise and delight bottle of wine for a top tier player’s collection adds something different to the loyalty program and provides an opportunity to partner with wine suppliers. Clubs and hotels are open for extended hours for easy access to their personal cellar space and they could choose a wine from their stock when dining at the venue, or take them home when they have guests.


Limited Edition art-inspired High Tea

Story: InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, has today (30 APRIL 2019) announced the launch of Haut Patisserie: a limited-edition, art-inspired high tea available across all InterContinental Hotels & Resorts in Australia and New Zealand. The high tea is a creative extension of the brand’s partnership with contemporary artist Alexander Hall, also known under the alias as Haut de Gamme, who created a stunning, one-of-a-kind art installation to celebrate 200 InterContinental Hotels & Resorts across the globe.

There’s no point in copying an idea that so specifically represents the InterContinental’s brand strategy, but themed food ideas that are relevant to your own venue are on-trend across the world with pop-ups and short-term food offerings adding variety to menus for clubs and hotels. Is there a local artist, an Instagram influencer, sports team, or personality that everyone knows at your club or hotel who can work with the chef on a signature dish?


 Safety Deposit Boxes – with a twist

Story: Run for the Roses is a new bar in Denver (USA). Their members program offers a unique opportunity to obtain a safety deposit box available for $300 a year. A personally provided key makes beverage enthusiasts feel like it’s Christmas morning once a month when they unlock their box to find cocktail kits and other surprising goods. These cocktail kits may be enjoyed on site or in the comfort of one’s home. Run for the Roses partnered with various brands to supply returning imbibers with various delights.

There are so many possibilities here for clubs and hotels to offer selected members surprise and delight gifts with a significant connection to the venue. It could be as simple as a meal voucher, eftpos cards or specialty biscuits the chef cooked. Gift could cover a wide range of values and frequencies. It could even be developed into an interesting short term promo…they could win a personal safety deposit box with something different in there for them every day during the promo period.


 An Instagram sitter

Story: Ibis Hotels in Switzerland are offering the quirky service called ‘Relax We Post’. An Instagram sitter (in this case well-known social media stars) are employed by the hotel to post pictures and reply to comments on the hotel guests behalf so they can take a social media detox. 

At the right event, with an appropriate demographic group, a hotel or city club could do an Instagram takeover of their guest’s accounts. Having an “expert” or “celebrity” posting photos on the customer’s behalf of them having a great time throughout the night, photos with the celebrity, their food and drink orders, is a simple and fun marketing idea for the right venue.