Following on from the success of Cleopatra Rising, IGT is releasing two new games in this popular game series.  Fortune Rising (Asian theme) and Treasure Rising (pirate theme) both build on the popularity of the maths behind Cleopatra Rising, with the addition of a $1 bet option for regular players. The $1 option for the more serious player will ensure these new games increasingly compete with leading SAP games in the NSW Club market.

Fortune Rising and Treasure Rising have old school maths volatility and dynamic bonuses and are made for the mid to top tier players. They will be most effective in the middle to back of the gaming floor, and in outdoor areas where the serious gamers feel more comfortable. The free game feature offers 10 games where players can hold up to three sets of reels on the screen with locked wilds and this will appeal to many bigger punters as they fill the screen with winning symbols.

Cleopatra Rising has been in the NSW Club market since June 2019 is still recording performance leves of 1.23 (Max Denom TO Ratio) in the Crystal Curve with very stable 8.65% hold over the 6 months since its market release.

According to Col Bentley (State Sales Manager NSW/ACT), “With the addition of the $1 option we are expecting performance levels above 1.6 in the Max charts for both Treasure Rising and Fortune Rising,. The strongest performance levels for Cleopatra Rising have been in the Crystal Curve machine and these two new games are exclusive to the Curve and will definitely boost results for clubs”.