The recent launch of a number of very successful games by IGT has focused on matching the maths to the wide variety of the players that we get in clubs. From the bigger player looking for some solid wins, to the smaller player who just wants to spend some time on their favourite games, IGT has product to suit all player types and allows you to differentiate your product on the gaming floor. The current ‘hold and spin’ style games having essentially the same feature across all of the games, and are skewed towards one type of player who can afford to increase their bets.  While IGT games also offer big end players an opportunity to increase their volatility, their wider range of game math and fun features add some entertainment back into the games for the smaller players who fill our clubs during the day

Flexibility is important for the Fortune Gong game range. Not only are there 3 games already available in the range but it can be purchased as both SAP and LINK options, and in the Crystal Curve and the Crystal 27”.  This game meets the needs of the medium to top-tier players, and suits outdoor areas, and parts of the floor that see good foot traffic indoors, but aren’t overlooked by other players. Performance levels are strong in November Maxgaming data, showing them competing effectively with the top games, and all ranking among the top 50 games in NSW Clubs. All have performance ratios over 1.0, with the Crystal Dual-27” SAP games over 1.34

Wheel Shot-Wild Gold is new and meets both the large and small player markets. With a $1 game option, the bigger punters will really enjoy the way they are able to affect their game volatility which increases based on both the bet level and the denomination. During $1 play there are higher pay amounts and a higher frequency of pays compared to lower denominations. For the smaller player, the high hit rate gives easy access to a modern twist on a wheel feature by tipping and turning the 2D wheel in normal gameplay into a 3D group of wheels. The players start on the smallest wheel with credit prizes and arrows which move them through to the next wheels. Each feature wheel is different so the player gets a fresh experience in every feature. This game can sit comfortably in a busy area of the gaming floor, but equally, with a strong dollar version included, outdoor and higher denomination areas are also suitable. The Maxgaming performance ratio is currently at 2.45 for this new game.

The StarStax games, Eastern Lights and Vegas Nights, have been very popular among small and medium players who want to get some value for their gaming dollar. The Curve machine and strong graphics make these games standout on any gaming floor so placing them on a busy part of the floor for your social players should see some strong results. For November, Maxgaming data has StarStax-Eastern Lights at a performance ratio of 1.13 (denom turnover ratio) and the original StarStax-Vegas Nights at 1.07 with already 189 in the Maxgaming clubs.

Sneaking under the radar is the new HyperHits Rhino Riches with a strong Maxgaming performance ratio of 1.11.  This new addition to the popular game range is available in the Crystal Dual-i 27” machine. The game has fresh maths and sticky wilds added into the feature, which is a strong element of many of the most popular current games. The Hyper Hits games have been popular in most clubs for over 15 months, and having this new game available in the 27” machine adds to its floor appeal for players.

IGT has 14 games currently in the Top 50 for NSW Clubs, confirming that their efforts to provide game variety, machine flexibility and entertainment for all types of players is proving to be very popular.