Multistar Brilliant Diamonds is a follow on to MS Dazzling Diamonds and MS Hot Diamonds and consists of six games that have a range of denominations from 1c to $1.

Most upper tier players are enjoying their return to clubs and visiting regularly once again. They prefer games that give them game variety and can provide the opportunity to choose their reward levels based on their bet by moving up the denomination range when required. In the current environment, being able to stay on the same machine for both things (game variety and denom mix) is safer than moving among machines.  With reduced numbers of machines on gaming floors, multigames such as Multistar Brilliant Diamonds for both indoor and outdoor gaming areas provides patrons with additional game variety.

The Game Choice

 All the games in the Multistar Brilliant Diamonds game pack are well known and remain popular with regular players and have their own unique game features. Multistar Brilliant Diamonds is a multi-denomination game pack with six well-known games covering all denomination configurations. High denomination games include Taipan (20c, 50c, $1), King of the Castle (20c, 50c $1) and a new high denomination version of Golden Bow (20c, $1). Gold Fever is available in the mid-denomination range at 5c and 10c, with Navaho Legend and Top o’ Ta Morning in the low 1c and 2c range.

The lower denomination games provide some fun for smaller players, particularly with Navaho Legend available in this pack. However, the biggest appeal are the mid and higher denomination games that have a known strong following among the 55+ female gamer and the high denom male players.

The games come with a SAP level as well as additional bonus levels. A choice of three Grand Jackpot options are available of $2,500, $5,000 and $7,500 with a Major Jackpot startup of $500

The Diamond Feature

Multistar Brilliant Diamonds is the latest game in the popular Diamonds series, following on from MS Hot Diamonds and Multistar-Dazzling Diamonds. The Diamond feature is common to all the games and allows players access to the additional higher jackpot and bonus levels. In the feature overlaid symbols trigger the diamond bonus. During game play 6 or more of the overlying ‘brilliant diamonds’ transforms to reveal either bonus credit prizes or blue or pink progressive symbols (Maxi and Mega jackpots). These are held for 3 respins, but additional brilliant diamonds appearing during a respin resets the count back to zero for another 3 respins and will continue until no further diamonds are won during a respin series.


With all multigame packs their flexibility is the main driver of their purchase for gaming managers. These games, with a good group of tried and tested high/mid denom games, fit well into any high denom area on a segmented floor, and into outdoor gaming areas where many of the regular gamers prefer to play.  However, with some popular low denomination games they also fit well into high traffic and mid floor areas where players can enjoy the game choice provided by multigame packs without having to move from one machine to another.

Performance: The real boost to performance is that this new game is offered in the new Crystal 27” machine which presents much better with clearer graphics and wider screen and enables clubs to update many of the older games still on their gaming floors such as Taipan, King of the Castle and Navaho Legend.

To find out more about Multistar Brilliant Diamonds contact your IGT Territory Manager