IGT’s new Cash Climb link has just been released into the first NSW clubs a week ago and is showing a strong performance result already. Many have already had a look at how it plays at the recent trade show in Qld, but for those that haven’t, it ticks a few boxes as a very strong club link product.

Here are a few of the areas of appeal for different players:

  • Appeal to many markets – The jackpot and prize ladder is a great feature that combines many of the things that players these days want from their machines. The top jackpot is linked, a few levels are on-screen symbol driven jackpots on the individual machines, some of the lower levels increment at different rates so are dueling jackpots, and there are several frequent low-level bonus jackpots. This should cover off your bigger players with some good targets to chase, but keep the smaller day players interested and in the game for longer.
  • Players love a variety of ways to win – as well as four different game themes, players in general love games that offer a variety of ways to win as they feel it increases their odds. As well as the jackpot and bonus ladder of wins, the features within the games add another level of variety with free games containing additional transforming substitutes and special symbol features. Features within features are always popular.
  • Symbol driven games – appeal to the player as they have to line up specific symbols to win. Rather than just hitting a random win this gives the bigger players the feeling that they have better odds on the game by betting up. As they increase their bet, the jackpots increase in value. The Multi-denomination options on this link will also reinforce that positive for your bigger players.
  • Market advantage – being the first club in your LGA to offer a new product concept like this one can be a big plus…and the track record for links is generally towards great performances for 6 months minimum when they are first introduced to the market, and many clubs can point to links they have had working successfully on their gaming floor for years. While other clubs are waiting around to see how it performs you have the market to yourself for several months if you get in quickly.


Chris Gialouros, content manager at IGT gives a quick overview of the new product and its features – just click this link to view >>

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