In every club we see players walking around banks of SAP machines looking for the highest available jackpot on a game to play. While a top jackpot win of $5000 or $8000 is great, what most players are actually looking for is the highest 2nd level or major jackpot, rather than the grand jackpot. They see this second level as achievable within a single day or play session and calculate that they should be in for a chance to win it. Obviously the higher that second jackpot is, the higher the likelihood that it will be won while they play it. Once a player wins, they move to the next highest second level jackpot, often on the same machine bank.

In the new MS Legends IGT has taken that player behaviour pattern and paired up 3 sets of games in a 6-game multipack and added a SAP unique to each pair. Players will naturally choose the game pair with the highest 2nd level SAP. When they win, they don’t need to move away from their machine. They can easily select a new pair of games with the next highest 2nd level jackpot, still with the same grand jackpot they have contributed to so far available to them.

In order that the player has a choice of games, each game pair includes a low and high denomination game option. This covers a wider market segment of players and their speed of play preference, with the higher denom games generally having shorter features than the lower denom games. Popular long-term game favourites such as Shogun, Triple Tigers, Longship Legend and Sea Magic are well known and will resonate with regular players.

IGT has a long history of success with their Multistar multigame packs with MS Legends the latest addition to the range. Recent Multistar games such as MS Dazzling Diamonds and MS Hot Diamonds, are still strong and successful games in hotels and clubs of all sizes. With over 330 MS Hot Diamonds in the market it makes sense to bank up the earlier game with MS Legends for a strong floor presence. The addition of the paired games with SAPs adds a unique twist that is expected to boost the games popularity among players.

MS Legends is released now and currently performing at 2.22 (MAX Site Ratio) and is available in the Crystal Dual-i 27” machine.