Each year The Point of Loyalty produce “For Love or Money”, Australia’s leading research report on the important annual trends and changes to loyalty programs and customer engagement with them. Recent COVID lockdowns have added complications to how effective loyalty programs are for customers which continues to drive a re-evaluation of how to keep members interested.

In a new report, 2022 – the renaissance year for loyalty programs, CEO and loyalty expert Adam Posner has collated 35 ideas to help you invigorate your loyalty program directly or if not directly then to be aware of them as you prepare your program for 2022.

They are a mix of his predictions, perspectives, and passion points. Some of the ideas are within the influence of the loyalty program manager and team and some are external factors impacting the program’s relevance and sustainability.

Here are 7 of the 35 ideas, insights, predictions and perspectives for 2022 covered in the report

  1. The four revenues to influence: Growth Revenue + Retained Revenue + Referral Revenue + Renewed Revenue
  2. Understand the four loyalty archetypes
  3. More programs will solve more problems (in the world around us and in the lives of members)
  4. Subscription ‘guilt’ will increase
  5. Loyalty managers with experience and expertise will be a role in demand in 2022
  6. Payments integrated into the program experience will go mainstream
  7. Loyalty programs will drive the demand for data analysis roles

The Renaissance of Loyalty Programs in 2022 will be impacted by multiple internal and external factors.

For a loyalty program to be an asset of growth for the brand, program managers need to continue to look for the levers that make the greatest impact.

For more ideas and insights to review and revitalise your loyalty program, download the free report here.