This year the summer seasonal lift in gaming revenues becomes even more important for all clubs and pubs. While we are all hoping that we see a strong positive bounce this year, the one thing we can all be sure of is that clubs and hotels will be very competitive. Making sure your gaming room is filled with new games to keep those returning players entertained and coming back to your venue regularly will be key to winning your suburb battle.

It’s GO! time for your venue with the successful GO! for Grand range now available as a Link, and on both the CrystalDual-i 27 machine and the CrystalCurve-i. Plus, there’s a new game, GO! for Grand Outback Gold. This provides an opportunity to mix and match the game across SAP banks to Links.

Also, due out before Christmas is a new SAP and Link game range, Power Guardians – with two new games Heroes Honour and Emperor’s Tale. IGT has also ported across their two most popular classic games on to the CrystalDual-i 27 machine. Extra Chance Jetsetter Sydney and Multistar Champion Series now give clubs an opportunity to trade out and replace the exact original games on a more reliable, comfortable machine with stronger graphic capabilities.

 Go for Grand Link, and new game Go for Grand-Outback Gold

In the GO! For Grand games, IGT has boosted a ‘hold and spin’ style game that can be unlocked to expand to four levels of playable windows, all the way up their CrystalCurve-i screen!

A player triggers the GO! for Grand feature with 6 gold coins, gaining 3 respins, and each time a gold coin lands the respin count resets.

The point of difference in the GO! for Grand games is that when the player achieves 4 ‘GO!’ symbols, available on the gold coins during the feature, they unlock the window above and are paid all the prizes already accumulated. Players very quickly focus on gaining 4 ‘GO!’ symbols to gain access to extra levels, building excitement, anticipation and better chances for big wins.

These new games are all about a high game feature frequency and high volatility offering gamers a great deal of interest and excitement on their way to a win. They will appeal to a more sophisticated gamer, however, the very high game feature hit rate will allow the smaller gamer, playing for time, to stay in the game longer with regular feature wins.

Performance of the GO! for Grand SAP games has been strong across clubs with a new Link option available now for NSW and QLD on the Crystal Curve, and available for the CrystalDual-i 27 in October. The new game, GO! for Grand-Outback Gold features a choice of free games or the number of GO! coins on the reels.

Now club/hotel managers have the opportunity to expand their numbers and set up the games on an eye-catching new GO! for Grand Link with a choice of a $10K, $20K or $40K startup.

Power Guardians

Power Guardians is a new game range due out before Christmas (NSW and QLD) on the CrystalDual-i 27 with two new games, Heroes Honour and Emperors Tale. The games offer a new ‘hold and spin’ style feature where players can increase their prize values within the feature with credit values that can grow up to 100 times the bet.

Both of the new games have a unique free game feature with different volatility levels but in the common feature, 6 balls trigger the feature with 3 respins, and each ball that lands resets the respins.

The twist in these games is that every time a coloured ball lands it adds its value to the surrounding balls increasing the wins for players.

Classics on the Crystal:

Every club…and most pubs, still have the two most recognisable IGT player favourites, Extra Chance Jetsetter Sydney and Multistar Champion Series, in their outdoor gaming room. The Jetsetter range has been the long-term favourite of the over-55 female high tier player for 10+ years.  And Multistar Champion Series, which includes the strong $1/20c games Shogun and Heavyweight Champion, and 1c Ultra Chance Blue Moon II (along with 3 other low-mid denomination games) have driven the performance of this outdoor product for years.

Both games are exactly the same as the originals, just ported onto the latest cabinet so you can upgrade older and unreliable cabinets to give these player favourites a new look on your floor.

Now is the time to get your gaming room ready for the new season and our busiest time of year.

To be the first in your area with these new games contact your IGT Territory Manager