1. Projected NSW opening date 11 Oct

ClubsNSW have advised their member clubs that the projected opening date is now Monday 11 October 2021 which will be the first Monday after 70% of the adult population of NSW is fully vaccinated. Clubs will be required to trade only with fully vaccinated staff and patrons, in Sydney metro and regionally, and are urging their members to encourage staff to be fully vaccinated.

Further information for member clubs can be accessed on the ClubsNSW website


2. NSW tipped to mandate vaccines for pubs

Sky News Political Editor Andrew Clennell says staff and patrons at pubs across New South Wales – not just Sydney – will need to be vaccinated when the state reaches 70 per cent.

“There was no requirement for regional clubs’ staff to be vaccinated or for patrons to be vaccinated,” Mr Clennell said.

“I am told at the 70 per cent reopening in Sydney the rules will be different. And it will be enforced state-wide.

“So all staff and patrons at the 70 per cent reopening – expected October 18 or potentially a week earlier – will have to be vaccinated.

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3. As Australia charges towards vaccine passports, retailers and restaurants are worried about ‘high stakes’ customer interactions

Retailers and hospitality venues across New South Wales and Victoria are bracing for a new pandemic challenge: belligerent customers who refuse to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination, and a lack of guidance over incoming vaccine passports.

Under the New South Wales reopening plan, retail, hospitality, and entertainment venues will welcome patrons days after the state surpasses a 70% vaccination rate.

Those venues will be subject to strict density limits — and only fully vaccinated patrons will be allowed inside.

And Victoria’s roadmap, revealed Sunday, says Melbourne pubs, clubs, and entertainment venues will open to fully vaccinated patrons once the 70% target is met.

With a full rundown of the vaccine passport system yet to materialise, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has honed in on the rights business owners already have to turn down clientele.

“Any venue… has every right under Australia’s property laws to be able to deny entry to people who are unvaccinated,” Morrison told Sky News Australia this month.

But venues welcoming heightened vaccination rates are still calling for clarity over the passport system.

Speaking to The Australian, Super Retail Group CEO Anthony Heraghty voiced fears for store staff tasked with upholding those requirements.

“Customer abuse is not a new phenomenon but we have absolutely seen increases of instances,” Heraghty said.

Staff could face “high stakes” interactions when asking customers to display their vaccination status, he added, noting some patrons could find it a “very frustrating” experience.

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4. Roadmaps out of lockdown – quick links

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