Keeping your members engaged and coming back to your venue can often equate to a significant investment in time, money, and resources. Declining membership can also be worrying and difficult to address, particularly if members are exiting to your competition.

The most powerful way to attract your members back into your venue and improve the overall customer experience, is by having full insight into their spending habits and interests. What days and times they have visited, what they are purchasing at the POS, what activities they are engaging in, for example bingo or raffles, and what their gaming preferences are.

Fetch Venue Marketing by SENPOS, is a comprehensive business intelligence tool with an inbuilt marketing function that can turn information into profit. It enables you to analyse customer data quickly and accurately and then utilise this information to market directly to that customer’s specific interests, bringing you real results and fast.

Bob Martin, for example, always orders black beer. He also enjoys a roast dinner from the bistro two evenings a week and has a flutter on two or three specific machines regularly. You know what value Bob brings to the club and if Bob has fails to visit for several weeks, the Fetch software can identify he is missing. You might then choose to send Bob a personalised half price roast dinner voucher to redeem between Sunday and Thursday OR a free beer voucher with the purchase of a roast, appealing to his specific likes and interests.

Data shows that members who redeem offers are 3 times more likely to return again AND because the software allows you to track member activity over the ‘offer period’, you can accurately measure the ROI. Real data, real figures.

For more information on Fetch Venue Marking go to, email or phone 1300 621 313.