Technology can certainly be challenging at times, and there is nothing more frustrating than a printer malfunction. One of the most common malfunctions is a printer jam, which always seems to occur when you least need it.

Fortunately, the majority of paper jams can be avoided by using the paper specified by the printer manufacturer. Charters Paper General Manager, Michael Sfetkidis said: “The cheapest paper is rarely the best option. All too often, we encounter new customers who are experiencing printer problems because of inferior thermal paper used in the manufacture of TITO Tickets and paper rolls.”

Using inferior paper can lead to a variety of issues, including poor print quality, decreased ticket life, paper jams and significantly reduced printer life span. This all leads to a poor customer experience and increased printer maintenance costs.

The importance of quality paper is critical in gaming venues with TITO tickets. Michael said: “In the last few years, we have seen an influx of clients experiencing problems with poor quality TITO tickets, which is really frustrating for gaming and venue managers who thought they invested in quality paper.”

Charters Paper, Australia’s leading supplier of TITO Tickets and paper roll products, distributes only Kanzaki Top-Coated TITO Tickets in Australia, which are approved by JCM, Transact Technologies and Nanoptix. They are exclusive suppliers to Crown Melbourne, Crown Perth, The Star Entertainment Group (The Star Sydney, Treasury Brisbane, The Star Gold Coast) and ALH Group, plus many other pubs and clubs.

Michael said: “Choosing quality is the best investment in the long run, and it will keep your patrons and floor staff happy day in day out, resulting in increased revenue for your gaming room.”

Kanzaki Top-Coated TITO tickets deliver optimal print performance while reducing paper jams, paper dust, increased thermal print head longevity and avoid the risk of voiding any printer warranties or service agreements. All tickets have the compliant approved gambling message for each state and can be customised with a venue’s logo and message.


For more information about Kanzaki Top-Coated tickets contact Ilea Sfetkidis at Charters Paper on 1800 809 839, or visit their website