The old Alpha’s are well known to all gaming floor staff as reliable, drop, water and dust resistant pagers.  The new Slimline Alpha Pager has retained these reliable features but has been upgraded with an “easy to read in the dark” 8-line OLED display and an extended battery life of up to 7 days.  In addition to these boosted features, the heavy-duty belt clip and lightweight thin pager design, at just 28 grams, makes them easier to wear for floor staff. If recurring replacement and repair costs are taking your older pagers out of service, it’s time to consider upgrading to the new Slimline Alpha Pagers.

The gaming floor is the main profit centre in clubs and hotels. This means the most important communication devices in any venue is the gaming paging technology that allows your gaming service and staff to flow in an organised and time efficient manner. Any repair downtime and reduction in the number of operating pagers limits your service supply and is an indirect cost to your business. If your repair costs are creeping up it is time to upgrade.

The Slimline Alpha Pager ticks many boxes for clubs:

  • Reliable and tough – dust proof, waterproof and most importantly drop-proof and are known industry-wide for their reliability
  • New OLED display – gaming floors are generally low-light environments during night and day trade. In the new Slimline Alpha Pager, the OLED display is light text on a dark background making them easy to read for staff no matter where they are on the gaming floor.
  • Available in black and white – both the pagers and the docking station come in either black or white to suit your room design
  • Slimline and lightweight design – makes them easy to carry using the belt clip without annoying the staff. At only 28 grams they will hardly notice they are there.
  • Extended battery life – the new Slimline pagers are rechargeable with an extended battery life of up to 7 days.
  • New recharging racks – are available as single, 5 or 10 pager racks, and in line with the slimline design of the pagers themselves, the rack takes up less space too.

Technology is constantly evolving, and in order to keep your business running smoothly, it’s important to stay up to date with on the latest advancements in technology and communication. Whether it’s updating or upgrading your current technology, there are many benefits to new equipment for your employees and business as a whole.

In a recent study completed by Dell and Intel 41% of employees surveyed stated that having the latest technology in the workplace was important to them.

The numbers prove that technology is extremely important and clearly valued by employees. Everyone gets frustrated with old or outdated technology that doesn’t function properly.

To discuss an upgrade for your club to the new Alpha Slimline Pager contact:

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