Konami are coming to the AHG Expo with a new product line and a fresh range of interesting new games for the Concerto Stack.

The markets’ first chance to see Konami’s new 43-inch portrait style Concerto Stack machine is at the AHG Expo with a dedicated game content and a revamped All Aboard layout. This machine provides an additional machine choice for clubs and hotels, with a new range of exclusive content games, as well as being compatible with their market favourite games such as the All Aboard range.

The first new content is the Money Trails game range which utilises the entire screen with prizes that continually stack up during the feature to reach the bonus wins at the top. Two new game titles, Fortune Phoenix and Rising Koi, start the new game range.

For the Concerto, Konami are building on their recent game strength with a range of new games designed to tap into different market segments to broaden their player appeal. For the smaller players the Repeat Fever games, Sweet Fortune and Fortune Pots award the player with great prizes every time the Repeat Fever Symbol appears.

The Pick n Spin games are ideal for day players looking for time-on-device with Lucky Island and Imperial Riches already proving to be successful in NSW Clubs. These games offer a popular pick- a box style game with an interesting delivery.

To check out all of these new games visit the Konami stand at the AHG Expo today.