Las Vegas – America’s famous sin city – is looking to rebrand.

After the deadly mass shooting on October 1, Las Vegas’ famous 14-year-old motto, “What happens here, stays here,” no longer felt appropriate to city tourism officials.  The catchphrase, used since 2003, refers to the wantonness for which the city is famous. But in the wake of the tragedy, the city put it on hold.

The evening of the attack, R&R Partners, the agency for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), pulled all its ads with the irreverent slogan.

The slogan isn’t permanently retired, but for now, you won’t find it on any official city marketing. “We will return to What Happens Here Stays Here when appropriate and we will know this by listening and communicating with the guests,” a spokesperson from LVCVA said.

“It would be completely insensitive to go out with a sort of carefree, have fun, let loose kind of message,” R&R said earlier this month. “We’ve cancelled all of our current advertising for now.”

In the meantime, R&R is in the market for a new motto. They’re currently trying out #VegasStrong, the hashtag people used in the aftermath of the attack to express solidarity with the city and victims.

The new campaign started with a humble message that the casinos and hotels lining the Vegas strip are still flashing on their marquees. Against a black backdrop, it reads: “We’ve been there for you during the good times. Thank you for being there for us now.”

Source: Quartz Media